Adjustable Angle Chamfering Cutter

Chamfering Cutter
An innovative and cost effective supplementary blade chamfering cutter system that enables one tool to be set to cut at any angle.

The Chain Headway AAC adjustable angle chamfering cutter features a supplementary blade set in our unique and reliable rapid adjustment locking insert. Our innovative design enables the AAC chamfering cutter to cut at any angle between 0.1 and 89.9 degrees by unlocking, rotating, and resetting the supplementary blade (indexable inserts). The triangular blade can be rotated when a fresh edge is required, making it last three times as long as conventional adjustable cutters.

Applications of AAC Chamfering Cutters

  • Inside Chamfering
  • Outside Chamfering
  • Profile Chamfering

Our chamfering cutters are ideal for all non-standard and variable angle chamfering requirements. Our customers find our AAC series of chamfering cutters are ideally suited for inside and outside chamfering and chamfer turning.

The Chain Headway AAC chamfering cutter can be used in milling machines and CNC milling machines. A single tool enables chamfering at any desired angle, infinitely adjustable between 0.1 and 89.9 degrees.

We also manufacture the SSP series of chamfering cutters that are an excellent option for cutting standard angles of 30, 45 or 60 degrees, spotting