Mini End Mill Cutters

Versatile and cost-effective end mill cutters with blade inserts offer an excellent alternative for high throughput production lines

Features of Chain Headway AP06 End Mill Cutters

  • Integral Water Cooling Extends Tool Life
  • Increased Cutting Efficiency
  • Good for Interrupted Cutting

Integral Water Cooling Extends Tool Life

Micron Grade Tool Presetter
Water cooling reduces cutting heat temperature and assists chip removal from the cutting surface, extending tool life and improving surface finishes.

Increased Cutting Efficiency

Micron Grade Tool Presetter
Our designs feature multiple cutting edges to increase cutting efficiency. By adding cutting inserts as tool diameter increases, cutting efficiency is retained regardless of the size of the cutting tool.

Good for Interrupted Cutting

Low-resistance and high-precision designs are good for interrupted cutting operations as they improve the accuracy of cut and reduce the likelihood of errors.

MAS Mini End Mill Cutters

Micron Grade Tool Presetter</