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Challenges of Getting Great Finishes in Small Workshops

CNC level quality finishes are achievable on drill presses and milling drilling machines using carbide insert tools specially designed for this purpose by Chain Headway. With indexable carbide inserts you get superior finishes on manual machines and achieve excellent cost savings.

Indexable Chamfering Tools For Small Workshops

The Chain Headway range of indexable chamfering tools offer quality and performance benefits compared to standard HSS chamfering tools. As part of our range of advanced indexable cutting tools, our chamfering tools feature inserts that can be rotated to provide multiple cutting edges and can be easily changed to suit different material requirements.

Indexable inserts extend tool life and provide significant cost savings. Our unique and patented designs are extremely stable and precise for better cutting performance and surface finish. Tungsten carbide inserts for our mini-chamfering e