HCM Aluminum Changeable Milling Cutter

Lightweight, aluminum changeable milling cutter with fully adjustable inserts for dynamic stability

HCM Aluminum Changeable Milling Cutters

Aluminum Adjustable Milling Cutters for Mirror-Like Finishes

High speed, precise, adjustable cutting edges and excellent stability are the key factors in achieving very high cutting precision and mirror-like finishes with Chain Headway’s HCM aluminum adjustable milling cutters.

Features of HCM Aluminum Changeable Milling Cutters

  • Lightweight aluminum design for high-speed operation
  • Dynamically stable
  • Fully adjustable inserts
  • HCM II integrated water cooling extends tool life & improves finishes
  • Wide range of inserts type suitable for cutting different materials

Lightweight Aluminum Design for High-Speed Operation

HCM Aluminum Changeable Milling Cutters
The HCM adjustable milling cutter is made of lightweight aluminum alloy to enable milling at up to 12,000 rpm. Excellent flatness and mirror-like surface finishing depend on high-speed rotation, and results at high speeds are superior to low-speed cutting.

Dynamically Stable

HCM Aluminum Changeable Milling Cutters
Axial dynamic balance enables exact adjustments to ensure