Heat Shrink Tooling Heater

Heat Shrink Tooling Heater  – Induction or Hot Air For The Small Workshop?

Heat-shrink tool holders have become increasingly popular for high speed and high accuracy machining operations. This is because heat-shrink tool holders have several advantages over traditional tool holders.

  • Strong, secure and precise tool fitting without moving parts in the tool head
  • Narrow profile tool holders for cutting in confined spaces
  • Higher RPM for precise cutting due to reduced weight
  • Reduced runout for precision cutting because the tool is evenly gripped
  • Extended tool life because of reduced stress on tools
  • No moving parts in tool head that can wear or fail in operation

The lack of moving parts in the tool head and strong, even grip on the tool shank make heat shrink tool holders extremely cost effective.

Tool and tool holder life is extended because the exact fit reduces overheating during operation caused by vibration and imperfect alignment.

Tool runout due to tolerances found in standard tool holders is eliminated in heat shrink applications. These feature 360 degree even clamping forces on the tool and can offer runout of less than 3 microns enabling very precise work.

Shrink-fit Tool Holders Offer High Speed, Precision & Rigidity