Chamfering Cutter – SSP

Chamfering Cutter-SSP

An innovative and cost-effective supplementary blade (indexable insert) chamfering cutter system that enables one tool to cut different materials by selecting appropriate blade profiles.

The Chain Headway SSP series of chamfering cutters feature replaceable triangular
supplementary blades that can be rotated and used on all three sides. Our innovative design gives three times the life of a conventional cutter by simply rotating and resetting the supplementary blade to use a fresh sharp edge.

Applications of SSP Chamfering Cutters

  • Inside Chamfering
  • Outside Chamfering
  • Profile Chamfering
  • Face Grooving
  • V-Grooving
  • Spotting
  • Carving And Engraving

Chamfering Cutter-SSP
Our chamfering cutters are ideal for all chamfering requirements, including spot cutting, groove
cutting, inside and outside chamfering. Our customers find our SSP series of chamfering cutters
are ideally suited for chamfer turning, helical groove milling, centering and spot drilling on end

The Chain Headway SSP chamfering cutter can be used in