Tungsten Carbide Drill With Internal Coolant

Drilling is the most common machining process, and every workshop uses drills. Companies look for fast and accurate drilling methods to keep costs down. Our tungsten carbide drills with internal coolant systems are the best option for cost-effective drilling especially for deep hole drilling in hard materials.

Cost Effective Drilling

The three most important factors in drilling operations are:

  • Rapid Cycle Times
  • Increasing Throughput
  • High Quality Results

In today’s markets, competitive advantage comes from rapid cycle times and increasing throughput without reducing quality. Drill bit and drilling machine technology works to extend the life of drills and increase efficiency.

Time lost replacing tools and maintaining machines costs money. Profitable drilling demands rapid cycle times, high throughput and high quality results at a low cost per unit of production.

At Chain Headway we have designed tungsten carbide drill bits with internal cooling systems that are very cost effective. Our DR Tungsten Carbide drills improve drilling quality and speed and make it more profitable.

Tungsten Carbide Drills with Internal Cooling Systems

Our tungsten carbide drill design